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2024 Dues, Fees & Assessments
Posted on October 14, 2023 1:55 PM by Admin
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Dues (per lot)
Every property owner is required to pay annual POA Dues & Amenities Dues, to be paid January 1st every year.
POA Dues - $310 per year (Due January 1st)
Amenities Dues - $310 per year (Due January1st)
Total:  $620 per year
NOTE: The POA dues for 2024 increased from $265 to $310 per lot to offset a macroeconomic increase in labor costs (roads & water).  We have not had a dues increase in over 20 years, so thank you for your patience and understanding.
Water Fees
Every POA property owner with a functioning water meter is required to pay the following for water usage: 
$175 base fee + $2.50 per 1000gallons of water used up to 100,000 gallons.
If usage is above 100,000 gallons, the rate for the additional water is $5.00/1000 gallons.
NOTE: We have 3 grandfathered Associate Members who pay 2x the above rates
One Time Fees
Transfer of ownership (immediate family is exempt) -$50
Cabin/Home Building Application - $1000
Small Project Building Application - $500
Refundable Bond for Large Building Projects - $10,000
Refundable Bond for Small Building Projects - $2500
Water Hook-Up Fee - $6000
Special Assessment
To cover the cost of the water tank relining project, residents should expect a special assessment of $135 per lot for two years (2024 & 2025).
Our new mailing address for payments is:
PO Box 281
Garden City, UT 84028
All other mail should be sent to:
9 Dutch Canyon Road
Fish Haven, ID 83287
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