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Garbage Dumpster Guidelines
Posted on May 12, 2023 12:00 AM by Admin
Categories: Garbage
Our community has faced significant challenges with our dumpsters this year, caused by both member and more likely, increasing non-member activity.
In an effort to reduce damage to the waste management's compacting dump trucks, our maintenance manager has been patrolling our dumpsters regularly and literally dumpster diving to remove inappropriate items. He has been hauling these items to the landfill on a regular basis- totaling 9 tons since May 2022. 
Accordingly, we will be adopting a seasonal roll-off dumpster program to dispose of larger items that could damage compacting dump trucks, similar to BLW HOA (thanks Richard Barako!). We are also looking at physical security restrictions to discourage non-member access to the dumpster area. It is likely we will install a vehicle gate with a keypad that can be upgraded in the future to align with the same technologies Amenities may adopt for beach access- after those decisions are finalized. We met with our waste district to better understand what types of items are causing problems. 
Please review the below dumpster guidelines and familiarize yourself with items that should be placed in a dumpster, vs. waiting for the seasonal roll-off or being taken directly to the landfill. Also, please provide feedback on the gate for the Board to consider in our next meeting.
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