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New Garbage Gate
Posted on January 20, 2024 1:41 PM by Admin
Categories: Garbage
To address ongoing concerns regarding uncontrolled access to our private dumpster areas and to reduce costs associated with inappropriate dumping, we installed a new gate system at the dumpsters. We are utilizing the same technology as the beach gate, allowing members to use their assigned code to access the dumpster area.
For now, the gate is in an open position, but we will close it early spring.

If you have not yet received a gate code, please contact our Accountant, Tiffany, by completing this request form.  If you have previously emailed her and not received a response, please check your junk email folder and/or search for the word "SynQ" before contacting her again.

Please note that access to the beach and dumpster gates is restricted to Bear Lake West members only. Access codes are used to monitor gate usage.

There are two options for accessing the gates:

1) Gate Code - A 4-digit code that is manually entered, followed by #. Please do not share this code except with your family.
2) SynQ Prox app - An app that automatically opens the gate by simply getting close to it.

Currently, only one app user per lot is allowed. Other owners and family members can use option 1.
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