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Discontinuation of Driveway Snow Removal
Posted on October 14, 2023 1:46 PM by Admin
Categories: Roads
After careful consideration, our Board has decided to discontinue plowing individual driveways and instead concentrate on our roads. While there are many providers in the area, we have listed a few for your convenience.

Our decision came down to equipment and labor. Our snow removal equipment is not suitable for plowing driveways, and sustained significant wear and tear last winter. We had to decide whether to invest in better driveway plowing equipment, while also facing a shortage of individuals willing to continue plowing driveways. Lowell was the only person willing to take on the job, and he has procured his own driveway plowing equipment. If you are interested in his services, he is willing to discuss specifics with you.
If you want to have your driveway cleared of snow, you'll need to contact a service provider. Here are a few options to consider:
Bear Lake Landscape
Contact: 435-670-3074
CV Lawn Care
Contact: 435-740-4392
Lowell Howlett
Contact: 515-423-2000
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