Member Updates

Posted on January 20, 2024 1:41 PM by Admin
Categories: Garbage
To address ongoing concerns regarding uncontrolled access to our private dumpster areas and to reduce costs associated with inappropriate dumping, we installed a new gate system at the dumpsters. We are utilizing the same technology as the beach gate, allowing members to use their assigned code to access the dumpster area.
For now, the gate is in an open position, but we will close it early spring.

If you have not yet received a gate code, please contact our Accountant, Tiffany, by completing this request form.  If you have previously emailed her and not received a response, please check your junk email folder and/or search for the word "SynQ" before contacting her again.

Please note that access to the beach and dumpster gates is restricted to Bear Lake West members only. Access codes are used to monitor gate usage.

There are two options for accessing the gates:

1) Gate Code - A 4-digit code that is manually entered, followed by #. Please do not share this code except with your family.
2) SynQ Prox app - An app that automatically opens the gate by simply getting close to it.

Currently, only one app user per lot is allowed. Other owners and family members can use option 1.
Posted on October 14, 2023 1:46 PM by Admin
Categories: Roads
After careful consideration, our Board has decided to discontinue plowing individual driveways and instead concentrate on our roads. While there are many providers in the area, we have listed a few for your convenience.

Our decision came down to equipment and labor. Our snow removal equipment is not suitable for plowing driveways, and sustained significant wear and tear last winter. We had to decide whether to invest in better driveway plowing equipment, while also facing a shortage of individuals willing to continue plowing driveways. Lowell was the only person willing to take on the job, and he has procured his own driveway plowing equipment. If you are interested in his services, he is willing to discuss specifics with you.
If you want to have your driveway cleared of snow, you'll need to contact a service provider. Here are a few options to consider:
Bear Lake Landscape
Contact: 435-670-3074
CV Lawn Care
Contact: 435-740-4392
Lowell Howlett
Contact: 515-423-2000
Posted on October 14, 2023 1:46 PM by Admin
Categories: Roads
The 2022/2023 winter was tough on all of our roads. Although we started with two part-time plow operators for our roads, the season proved to be demanding, and we eventually hired a specialized contractor to assist with widening our roads. We have increased to four part-time plow operators for the 2023/2024 season.
The long and harsh winter also had a negative effect on many of the roads owned by the POA. To address this, the POA staff has been working to spread road base in various locations to repair road damage and improve drainage. The access road leading to Plat-C reservoir was improved to allow the water tank repair crew to access the site (see water update). Road base was recently placed on the south end of Mountain Way to enhance the road's condition, in conjunction with maintenance efforts by other neighboring landowners. Red Pine Dr. was graded and had additional road base spread on the southern end.

To help with dust abatement and water spreading, a water truck was purchased and will be put into action in 2024.
Posted on May 12, 2023 12:00 AM by Admin
Categories: Garbage
Our community has faced significant challenges with our dumpsters this year, caused by both member and more likely, increasing non-member activity.
In an effort to reduce damage to the waste management's compacting dump trucks, our maintenance manager has been patrolling our dumpsters regularly and literally dumpster diving to remove inappropriate items. He has been hauling these items to the landfill on a regular basis- totaling 9 tons since May 2022. 
Accordingly, we will be adopting a seasonal roll-off dumpster program to dispose of larger items that could damage compacting dump trucks, similar to BLW HOA (thanks Richard Barako!). We are also looking at physical security restrictions to discourage non-member access to the dumpster area. It is likely we will install a vehicle gate with a keypad that can be upgraded in the future to align with the same technologies Amenities may adopt for beach access- after those decisions are finalized. We met with our waste district to better understand what types of items are causing problems. 
Please review the below dumpster guidelines and familiarize yourself with items that should be placed in a dumpster, vs. waiting for the seasonal roll-off or being taken directly to the landfill. Also, please provide feedback on the gate for the Board to consider in our next meeting.