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A decision has been made in conjunction with the HOA to

open the access gate to the beach.


Below are the current rules and requests with regards to the access gate to the beach:

1.  The gate will be open at 9am and locked at 9pm by BLW POA Board Member Conway Jensen.

2.  When you enter and pass the high water line, you are on Sovereign Public Property which is NOT BLW property.  Anyone can be there.

3.  As members, the access belongs to you.  Please take care of the area and what you PACK IN, PACK OUT. 

4.  Members will be required to police themselves.  After you enter, close the gate behind you and don't be afraid to ask a person if they are a member.  If they are, I am sure they will appreciate it.  If you encounter someone illegally using the access, call the Sheriff's Office. 

5.  We are working to get a porta potty set up. It will have to be set on our property, which will be some distance from the water.   If one is there, please use it.  

6.  You use the beach at your own risk.  If you get stuck, you need to take care of this yourself.  If there is an accident, call the Sheriff's Office.

7.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the access gate(s), or the beach area that the Association owns above the high water line, call Kevin McLeod (HOA) at 801-643-3993 and Amy Karcher (POA) 801-414-6978.


Please give us some time to put a long-term plan together. But for now, enjoy the lake and

the remainder of the summer.

POA Members interested in registering for fiber internet can use this link. 

After submitting your address, pricing and registration options will be available.

Attention Bear Lake West POA Property Owners:

The Bear Lake West HOA/POA Amenities Association, Inc will be hosting its annual membership meeting on

Saturday, August 27th 2022 at 11 AM

It will be held at the Sunrise Event Center located at

865 N, Harbor Village E Dr, Garden City, UT 84028

Bear Lake West POA Communication: It has come to our attention that the Board does not have access to the email address previously posted on this website. Please direct all questions or comments to the Contact Us form. To access that form, click here.

Wild Fire BLW POA South Escape Route

As of July 19, 2022 

Because of the present wildfire danger that exists on the west side of the Bear Lake County mountains, the POA board and several POA owners are concerned about the possibility of a fire coming from the north and blocking the escape route down Loveland Lane. With this in mind, we recommend you review the map below which shows an escape route going south on Mountain Way. In some places, it is a rough and narrow road but is accessible with an SUV, ATV, or truck. There is a gate shown on the map. The property owner (Ardee Helm) will try to keep open during the hot summer season. If it is closed we recommend you cut the lock or break the gate to get through. This is perfectly legal according to Idaho State Law in the case of an emergency. After you drive past the gate you will see Ardee’s cabin and you can drive through his property to get to Ridgeway and Maple. You can then proceed down Lakeside Drive to Highway 89. If you continue on Mountain Way going south you will come to another gate that is locked. We don’t recommend going this way. Please be advised that once you leave the POA property on Mountain Way you will be on private property and unless it is an emergency you will be trespassing. Please DO NOT use this exit as a pleasure ride on your ATV.



































As of October 4, 2021 Snow removal from driveways will incur an annual $150 fee. If you want to have snow plow services, please click here to download the form.

As of July 12, 2021 THE LOWER GATE ON THE NORTH END OF THE DUMPSTER SITE WILL BE CLOSED OFF AND LOCKED.  This is to help prevent wrongful dumping of trash by non-POA members, and to minimize RZR -- four-wheeler -- dirt bike damage to the dumpster site.

Beach Access Questions: We have received several questions and concerns about Beach Access. The Bear Lake West Amenities Group controls all amenities including the beach, pools, golf course, pro shop, restaurant, and tennis court. If you have questions about any of the Bear Lake West Amenities, please contact Amy Karcher at 801-414-6978 or

Flat Fee for Winter Snow Plowing: The POA will be changing to a flat fee schedule for winter snow plowing.  The fee will be $150 for the snow season.  Members will need to sign up and pay for this service in October.
A POA sign-up form and more details will be coming.

Reservoirs: Please help us keep an eye on the reservoirs. If you see either a flashing or solid red light on the reservoirs please call Dan. Also, if you see children or people whom you think should not be around the reservoirs, please call.
Dan - 208-479-6617

If you are unable to reach him, please leave a message.

POA mountain Way exit map 1_pages-to-jpg-0001.jpg

2022 Fees & Services

POA Fees - $265 per year (Due January 1st)

Amenities Fees - $310 per year (Due January 1st) 

Water Fees - $175 base fee + $2.50 per 1000 gallons of water used up to 100,000 gallons. If usage is above 100,000 gallons, the rate for the additional water is $5.00/1000 gallons.

Snow removal -  Flat Fee of $150 for the Winter Season

Sign up and pay in October.


Upcoming Events

Bear Lake West Property Owners Association is an association made up of

approximately 400 lot owners governed by a board of directors that

has been organized to provide for the upkeep and care of Bear Lake West. 


Bear Lake West is owned by two Associations, Bear Lake West Property Owners Association, known as the POA, and the Bear Lake West Home Owners Association,

known as the HOA. The POA is made up of land parcels known as

Plats B & C which are located about one mile west of Fish Haven Idaho.


They can be reached by taking Loveland Lane east off Highway 89,

which is located on the south side of Fish Haven.