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Bear Lake West POA

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Latest News

Latest News

Snow Updates

Currently, the POA board is working with Bear Lake County and Dirthead Services to assist us in widening the roads due to snow accumulation and cutting down the huge berms at intersections so that visibility and travel are improved. We are hoping to have this all accomplished by end of next week…Thank you for your patience during this crazy snow year. We seem to get one every 4-6 years up here.

Water Bills

All water bills have been mailed and property owners should have received them by now.  If you did not yet receive a water bill, please contact us here.

Dumpster Guidelines

Our community has faced significant challenges with our dumpsters this year, caused by both member and more likely, increasing non-member activity.


In an effort to reduce damage to the waste management's compacting dump trucks, our maintenance manager has been patrolling our dumpsters regularly and literally dumpster diving to remove inappropriate items. He has been hauling these items to the landfill on a regular basis- totaling 9 tons since May 2022.


Accordingly, we will be adopting a seasonal roll-off dumpster program to dispose of larger items that could damage compacting dump trucks, similar to BLW HOA (thanks Richard Barako!). We are also looking at physical security restrictions to discourage non-member access to the dumpster area. It is likely we will install a vehicle gate with a keypad that can be upgraded in the future to align with the same technologies Amenities may adopt for beach access- after those decisions are finalized. We met with our waste district to better understand what types of items are causing problems.


Please review the below dumpster guidelines and familiarize yourself with items that should be placed in a dumpster, vs. waiting for the seasonal roll-off or being taken directly to the landfill. Also, please provide feedback on the gate for the Board to consider in our next meeting. 



Dumpster Guidelines.png

Do you have an underground propane tank?  In an emergency, we need to be able to easily identify the shut off valve. Homeowners need to flag where their underground propane shutoff valve is.  Flags should be at least four (4) feet in height for winter visibility. Any questions- please contact Lowell Howlett.

Bear Lake West POA is looking for members with interest in our Board- whether it be to participate in committees, fill interim vacancies, or for future ballots. If you are interested, please email a bio to Amy Karcher-

If you need an additional Snow Plow Removal Request Form

Click Here:

2022 Fees & Services

POA Fees - $265 per year (Due January 1st)

Amenities Fees - $310 per year (Due January 1st) 

Water Fees - $175 base fee + $2.50 per 1000 gallons of water used up to 100,000 gallons. If usage is above 100,000 gallons, the rate for the additional water is $5.00/1000 gallons.

Snow Plow Fees - Between $150 - $250 depending on the size of the driveway. See fee breakdown on Snow Removal Form

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Bear Lake West Property Owners Association is an association made up of

approximately 400 lot owners governed by a board of directors that

has been organized to provide for the upkeep and care of Bear Lake West. 


Bear Lake West is owned by two Associations, Bear Lake West Property Owners Association, known as the POA, and the Bear Lake West Home Owners Association,

known as the HOA. The POA is made up of land parcels known as

Plats B & C which are located about one mile west of Fish Haven Idaho.


They can be reached by taking Loveland Lane east off Highway 89,

which is located on the south side of Fish Haven. 

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